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v2.8.0.10   News: Article in Creative Cow Magazine 05, p20..22 | Windows AVI Beta

Work twice as fast at half the uncompressed file size, with perfect fidelity to your original video and digitized film. The ultrafast nondestructive power of SheerVideo saves you time, space, and money in your professional video and film production, post-production, and archival workflows, while faithfully preserving every single bit of image information. With the SheerVideo real-time lossless video codecs for Mac and Windows, you never have to compromise between speed, power, and quality, because SheerVideo gives you all three at the same time: SheerVideo is the fastest and most versatile codec in the world and among the most powerful for real content, and provides you with the highest fidelity possible: perfect.

For Uncompressed Production, Postproduction & Archival
If you're currently using uncompressed digitized film and video formats, SheerVideo will both speed up and lighten up your work with matching real-time lossless video encoders and decoders, while maintaining the perfect uncompressed quality you demand — a win + win + win combination of speed + power + quality. With SheerVideo, you can capture and play back uncompressed-quality standard-definition RGB component video on your laptop's slow internal disk drive, or capture and play back perfect-quality high-definition video on a cheap two-disk SATA RAID 0, while encoding or decoding on the fly in real time. As a digital intermediate, SheerVideo cuts in half your network delays and storage loads while ensuring perfect fidelity.

For Broadcast Production
If you're working with destructive broadcast-quality formats such as ProRes, HDCamSR, DigiBeta, Photo JPEG, and Motion JPEG, upgrading your workflow to perfect-quality SheerVideo format at a comparable data rate will speed up your work with a reduced processor load and eliminate image degradation.

For Prosumers
For prosumer-quality source formats such as DVCPro HD, DV-25, MPEG, H.264, AVC, and HDV, upgrading to nondestructive SheerVideo takes more space, but quickens your work with a far lighter processor load, and eliminates image degradation.

Synchromy™ Includes Synchromy™
SheerVideo incorporates Synchromy nondestructive color-conversion technology —the most accurate color-space converter in the world— to convert between RGB (film and computer-generated imagery) and Y'CbCr (video) color spaces. This means you can edit video footage in applications designed for film and CGI, and edit film & CGI footage in video applications, with zero loss of image information — a feat previously considered impossible.

With its direct lossless support for all professional pixel formats for digitized film & synthetic imagery (RGB[A]) and video (Y'CbCr[A]), both with and without alpha, in high (10-bit) and standard (8-bit) precision, full-range and video-range, uniformly sampled (4:4:4[:4]) and 1:2 chroma-subsampled (4:2:2[:4]); at any resolution, including HD (high definition) and SD (standard definition), NTSC, PAL, & SECAM; 4:3 & 16:9, progressive and interlaced, SheerVideo is the most versatile codec in the world. Support for 16-bit channels is coming soon too, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding expert.

Free Tryout
You can download a fully functional evaluation copy of SheerVideo Pro for free and try it out for free in your normal workflows on 20 days before deciding to purchase a license. That's 20 days on which the codec is actually used. The tryout automatically reminds you how many days are left.

Free Reader
You and your clients and customers can download the fully functional SheerVideo Reader for free and use it to decode and play back Sheer videos and images for free as long as you like.

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